Sedation Dentistry

At Gorman Dental Care, we understand that receiving dental treatment may not be the highlight of your day. For some patients, the prospect can actually produce levels of anxiety or fear, making it extremely difficult for them to visit a dentist’s office at all. Through customized sedation dentistry, Gorman Dental Care can provide a calming, comfortable experience that can help you overcome your fear of the dentist. If you require extensive treatment and multiple visits, then sedation dentistry can also allow us to perform more of the procedure at a time, making your experience more convenient and less time-consuming.


Sedation dentistry is the application of mild to moderate sedation before and during your dental treatment. Combined with highly-effective local anesthesia and advanced technology, such as laser dentistry, dental sedation is often an important part of the comfortable experience we create for our patients. It also helps encourage anxious and fearful patients to receive necessary preventive care to avoid the need for more extensive treatment in the future.


Dental sedation can be most useful to patients who experience anxiety or fear at the thought of visiting the dentist. Dental fear has been estimated to affect millions of people in the United States, and in pronounced cases, it can hinder patients from seeking necessary care. As a result, they may also experience more instances of poor dental health. If you experience dental phobia or anxiety, speak with us about the benefits of sedation dentistry so you can receive the treatment you need.


Even if you don’t fear the dentist, you might hesitate slightly at the thought of extensive restorative treatment, especially if it involves multiple visits. The right sedation method can help you remain relaxed and calm while in the dentist’s chair, which allows Dr. Gorman or Dr. Yassa to work more efficiently.


Nitrous Oxide (NO2)

Nitrous oxide is a gas (its common name is laughing gas) and is inhaled through a mask that you wear over your nose. The gas is immediately exhaled through the mouth, and unlike other sedation methods, it does not remain in your system after treatment. Nitrous oxide is the mildest form of sedation, and because its effects dissipate immediately, you should be clear-headed enough to drive yourself home after treatment.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a pill or liquid medication that you ingest before your procedure. Depending on the required dosage, you might be given a sedative the night before your appointment and again in the morning, shortly before the procedure begins. Because oral sedation produces a more potent effect than nitrous oxide, you should bring a responsible adult to drive you home after your procedure is completed.

IV Sedation

IV sedation is the highest level of dental sedation. The effects of IV sedation can be felt almost immediately, and can last for the rest of the day following your procedure. At Gorman Dental care we bring in highly-trained and certified doctors to provide IV sedation in a clinical setting.

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