When cavities appear, there is only one thing that can help - sealants! Sealants are especially helpful for those people who are more prone to advanced tooth decay – even when they’re very serious about practicing good oral hygiene. For those wondering all about sealants, here is all the important things you should know about them.

The Importance of Sealants

Truthfully, sealants are not for everybody. They are most often used for people who are especially prone to cavities like little kids, teens, and children who are still in the process of losing their baby teeth. Sealants are used to fill in the deepest grooves of molars, which are the most common places to be susceptible to cavities due to food getting caught in between. Sealants are then needed when bacteria starts developing which then causes cavities.

Preventive Measures

Many dentists apply sealants even prior to decay. They give the teeth a special block coating that keeps food particles as well as bacteria from adhering to the tooth’s surface. The good news about sealants is that their application is virtually painless! There’s no need to dread sealants the way you do root canals or more advanced procedures.

What Are They Made Of?

Sealants are usually produced out of liquid resin and then brushed onto the teeth. It hardens in just a couple of minutes. When the liquid resin dries, it becomes a hard, plastic-like material that is also invisible. You won’t feel the sealant on top of your teeth once it’s dried up.


Sealants last for around a decade if cared for properly. There’s no need to remove them because they wear away gradually, until then, you won’t need a new coating. Now that you know there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to sealants, you should consider this an option!

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