Root Canal Treatment

Has your tooth hurt for a while, but you’ve hesitated to seek dental treatment to alleviate it? Has your tooth been damaged badly enough to expose its inner chamber? Root canal therapy is the process of cleaning and sanitizing a tooth’s pulp chamber by removing infected nerves and tissues. We know that root canal therapy can make many patients apprehensive, so we take the time to make sure you understand what to expect, and to make your experience comfortable, convenient, and as minimally invasive as possible.


Root canal therapy is performed when a tooth’s inner chamber, called the pulp, becomes infected, or at imminent risk of infection. When oral bacteria reach the pulp’s nerves and blood vessels, the infection can kill the tissues, leading to intense tooth pain. There is also a risk that the infection will spread to other teeth or beyond. Common issues that call for root canal therapy can include:

  • Severe internal tooth decay
  • A significant crack or fracture
  • Internal damage to the tooth pulp
  • A broken tooth (meaning a piece has separated from its main structure)


The root canal of a tooth extends into your jawbone, and root canal therapy is designed to stop infection from spreading to the bone and nearby tissues. If your condition is severe enough to require root canal therapy, then there may not be another alternative, except tooth extraction, to remove the threat.


  • Before recommending root canal therapy, Dr. Gorman and Dr. Yassa will first make sure that it is necessary by performing a comprehensive dental examination. Digital X-rays and other imaging equipment will be used to measure the extent of your tooth’s damage/infection, and determine whether or not another restorative option would be preferable (such as a filling).
  • Before root canal therapy begins, your dentist will anesthetize the tooth and surrounding area to minimize discomfort. If you’ve elected to use dental sedation, they will also make sure that the sedative has taken effect before beginning the procedure.
  • Next, your dentist will carefully access the interior of the tooth to clean away infected tissues in the pulp and root canal, then seal the root canal with biocompatible guttapercha. The rubber-like material will prevent bacteria from re-entering the canal, while at the same time fortifying the hollowed root so it can continue to support your tooth.
  • To reinforce the tooth, your dentist will place a tooth-colored filling in the cleaned cavity. For additional protection, a durable, lifelike dental crown may also be placed over the treated tooth.

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