Gum and Bone Therapy

When your dentist announces that you will need gum and bone grafting in your personal fight against periodontal disease, chances are you are also thinking of other things that you can do to help your condition. While gum and bone grafting (as well as the succeeding dental procedure of installing implants) will definitely take credit for the bone healing that will commence, it wouldn’t hurt to do other things that will be good for your gum and bones. Here are some of them – simple, straightforward, and easily doable as soon as you get home!

  • Up your calcium. Bones are made primarily out of calcium, so it makes good sense to be more conscious about getting your daily requirements of this. We say “daily” because if you get overly excited and end up getting too much, you might end up with calcium deposits – which aren’t good for you. Get your calcium needs from tablets or foods that are rich in it, and you’ll be doing a lot to keep your bones fitter than they were before.
  • Load up on antioxidants. If you take tea, switch to green tea. Add some turmeric to your food, or start taking turmeric capsules. Green tea and turmeric have amazing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties – to further help in the war against periodontal disease, which is a combination of bacteria and inflammation.
  • Floss every day. Flossing prevents plaque and tartar build up, which are two things that push your gums down and allows bacteria to enter.
  • Gargle with an antibacterial mouthwash. If you do not have time to brush your teeth, use an antibacterial mouthwash to get rid of any lingering bacteria or food particle that can build up.
  • Ask if you can see your dentist more than twice a year for more opportunities for cleaning and scaling. This is especially helpful if your teeth are prone to tartar and plaque build up!

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