Emergency Exams

One of the things that many parents dread is having to administer first aid dentistry (emergency exams and treatments) by themselves prior to being able to see a dentist. Dread aside, knowing what needs to be done initially is critical to containing the problem and keeping it in its best possible condition until you finally get to see a doctor.

For toothaches, gargling with warm salty water will help eliminate bacteria that may be present and causing the tooth to feel pain. Immediately use dental floss to remove any debris stuck to the painful teeth that may not be easily seen right away. Never use a pointy or sharp instrument in getting this out because you might injure your child or damage his teeth. If the pain persists and you still have more than twenty-four hours to see the doctor, a dose of paracetamol should help relieve the pain and let him sleep more fitfully.

For broken braces, cover the loosened up part with a cotton ball by padding it around until you get to see the orthodontist. It is important to protect the surrounding area which may be in danger of getting pricked by protruding wires. If there is a problem with retainers, refrain from wearing them until you get to the dentist, and he finds that he needs to readjust it.

For those whose tooth got knocked out, the first thing to do is to look for the tooth. Touch only the crown and not the root, and check if it is clean, if the root is dirt, rinse it quickly in milk or a bit of water, then replant onto the socket in the right way it is supposed to be facing. Because time is crucial, it is important to get to your dentist in no more than thirty minutes after the incident.

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