Gum and Bone Grafting

Did you know that your bone is ever-changing? Yes, your body attends to the task of regularly removing old bone cells and supplying your body with new ones, old age will mean that bones become weaker and teeth fall out. Serious consequences may arise as a result of this, which will mean that you might find yourself to be a good candidate for gum and bone grafting.

Gum and bone grafting is a minor form of surgery that is easily performed in the dental office. Your gum is incised to reach the bone underneath, which is then enhanced by the addition of grafting material. This grafting material is simply processed bone minerals where your body will deposit the much-needed new bone cells.

The material used for grafting comes in several forms such as granules, gel, powder, or putty. This is injected into the area through a syringe, and then fully covered with collagen membrane to promote optimum bone repair. Consider it as a form of scaffolding where your body will then begin to build new and stronger bones!

Bone grafting is used for different reasons. It can be done for saving teeth, where you can regenerate bones on loose teeth so they can become stronger and support themselves better. It is also useful for tooth extractions, filling in the tooth socket once the tooth is removed as a way of preserving the option for a dental implant later on. And finally, it is useful for those who have had dental implants wherein grafting can help improve the bones underneath to place and support the implant properly.

Gum and bone grafting procedures are important because this is the way to strengthen the bones underneath your gum – the foundation on which dental procedures and implements will come to rely on to do their job of replacing your natural teeth and supporting you throughout your daily living activities.

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